Take your career overseas

Explore the option of working overseas with Harper Harrison. Let us take the stress out of the process.

"What is amazing as a professional within the Built Environment is the ability to apply your trade across the globe. Real Estate and Infrastructure are hugely important sectors to countries across all corners of the earth and there will always be demand for high performing professionals across all continents."

Harper Harrison possess the expertise to identify the very best opportunities on some of the most exciting projects globally to enable you to further your career in new territories. We have an active client base across Mainland Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East.

Furthermore, as a result of significant experience of recruiting across those regions, we have an understanding of the projects, lifestyle and what you can expect across those regions. These are not just personal opinions, we have built up a picture of what your life and career may be like in other regions based on accounts from clients and previous candidates. We want to offer a genuine insight so that you can consult with us before making a decision on your next move.

Moving abroad to start a new life with a new company can be an overwhelming experience. We partner with clients who recognise this and take welfare of people in this position seriously. Whether you plan to move alone or with a partner or children, our clients are experts in looking after the process from start to finish. Not only would you receive full support in respect of any necessary visas, but the costs associated with moving belongings, flights and initial period of accommodation will be covered. Local information on housing and schools can be provided to ensure that you make the transition as smoothly as possible. The support will not stop there! It’s important that you settle in to new regions and our clients are hugely welcoming and have a strong social scenes which may help people build networks and friendships outside of working hours.

As always with Harper Harrison, we want to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision. We don’t wish to sell to you. Moving overseas is often a complex and difficult decision process. It can’t be rushed and you can’t make such a move without being confident that it’s right for you and your career.

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