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Ci Design

Ci Design are a specialist multi discipline design firm focussed in Life Sciences/Science & Tech, Multi-Family & Mixed Use facilities.




Ci Design was searching for architectural designers with strong software skills in a specific program (BIM360) who had an interest in focusing on mission-critical projects. These are both niche traits, and to find them in one talented person in the right geographic area was proving problematic.


There was a distinct lack of resume’s to review and those produced by contingent recruiters were very much wide of the mark and the role was business critical.




With a lack of options and the business critical nature, we were able to illustrate to the client a road map to success with specific milestones and timelines to provide them with not only the peace of mind as to when we would successfully complete a search but also to allow the business to plan sufficiently within the timeframe. 


This approach was to systematically identify and qualify all architectural professionals in the greater Raleigh, NC area and to speak with individuals who fit the technical specifications. We learned about their design background, digital software skills, and interest in new project types, and determined if they could be suitable to meet the Ci Design team. 


This was particularly labour intensive and required a dedicated and comprehensive approach to mapping and candidate screening. It was quite obvious as to why previous contingent recruiters had missed the mark.




The candidate had been with his firm for several years and was their subject matter expert within BIM360. Whilst very settled, once approached he was very interested in working on more complex projects which would allow him to step out of his comfort zone. Therefore, the combination of mission-critical work with the Ci Design team completely fit his goals. The candidate met with the team in-person at their Raleigh office and both sides quickly found that it was an excellent fit. 


He was not a candidate willing to apply to adverts or wasn’t of the mindset to explore the market. He was very settled. But only when the brief was 
clearly illustrated and delivered was he willing to explore the opportunity. He was represented exclusively to Ci Design.


In addition, since the search has been undertaken, we have introduced a further 18 candidates of which 15 have been interviewed and 5 further placements made.

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