Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep 7 

Jakey Bentwood

By Jakey Bentwood

27 Sep 2023

2 min read

Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep 7 

Adtech Design and Development Leaders, hosted by our very own recruitment expert Jakey Bentwood, provides an excellent opportunity for professionals of all levels to learn from thought leaders in the industry. 


Discussions will be based around avenues for development, areas of focus, how to speak about project experience, and over time help guide other professionals in their longer-term goals and motivations. 


Season 1 Episode 7 | The Rising Stars of Lab Design 


In the 7th episode of the 'Adtech Design and Development Leaders' podcast, Jakey is joined by Eva Baker and Jinhee Lee; two rising stars of the lab planning and design world and Senior Associates of HERA Laboratory Planners. 


We discuss their backgrounds and career paths and dig into their approach to design and how it has changed throughout the years. 


If you have an interest in the design of lab and science-related facilities – this is a must-listen! 



More about Eva & Jinhee 


Eva is the Director of the Philadelphia HERA office. Coming from a chemistry background, before getting her MArch at UPenn, Eva brings extensive experience in bench-marking, planning, design, and CA of Lab facilities and other technology-driven spaces. Eva is passionate about code analysis and her in-depth knowledge of MEP systems is particularly helpful on projects. 


Jinhee fully believes in the concept of not sacrificing form for function – Labs can be both beautiful and functional. Jinhee is a detail-oriented designer whose responsibilities have ranged from leadership roles to team support roles for peer review, code analysis, and specification. 


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