Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep9 

Jakey Bentwood

By Jakey Bentwood

29 Nov 2023

2 min read

Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep9 

Adtech Design and Development Leaders, hosted by our very own recruitment expert Jakey Bentwood, provides an excellent opportunity for professionals of all levels to learn from thought leaders in the industry. 


Discussions will be based around avenues for development, areas of focus, how to speak about project experience, and over time help guide other professionals in their longer-term goals and motivations. 


Season 1 Episode 9 | Architects of Innovation: An S&T Talk with Adana Johns 


In our final episode of the 'Adtech Design and Development Leaders' podcast series, Jakey sits down with Adana Johns, S&T Practice Leader and Principal of Perkins & Will in Chicago. 



We discuss her career trajectory, her upcoming plans for the practice, and her design philosophy alongside much more. For any professionals looking to grow in the world of S&T design and architecture, give this episode a listen! 


Having grown up in a design-minded household, Adana is a genuine lifelong learner of Arch & Design. 



Adana grew up in a design-minded household, drawn to various forms of art at home and school. By her teenage years, Adana managed her family’s greenhouse business, where she was able to exercise her design ability while learning how to listen to customers. By the time she entered architecture school, she not only saw the value of design, but also the value of providing experiences through art. 


Like many architecture students at the University of Illinois, Adana took advantage of the opportunity to study in Paris. This was an exhilarating experience for her, and she realized architecture’s roots in history. She began to view architecture as a storybook of people’s expression–how everything she sees, whether intentional design or not, blends into everyday life. Travel sparked her curiosity to understand how the world works, and how the logic, science, and art that make up the built environment evoke a sense of wonder and place. 


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