The Data Center Exchange | S1 Ep 11

Del Connolly

By Del Connolly

10 Jun 2024

2 min read

The Data Center Exchange | S1 Ep 11

In this podcast series, Del Connolly will be joined by industry leaders to discuss topics such as the culture of a fast-growing business within the sector, sustainability, engineering, construction challenges, diversity & inclusion, and much more.

Integrating businesses following M&A’s with Jeremy Pease

Mergers and Acquisitions are fairly common across the Data Center Industry. When they occur, the complex process of integrating businesses begins. This episode we welcome Jeremy Pease - CEO of Colohouse/Hivelocity (recently merged) to discuss his experience of M&A’s across the industry, his thoughts on the challenges you have to navigate as a leader and what he believes are the most important aspects to consider to get this very sensitive process right.

About Jeremy:

A seasoned executive with over 20 years in the data center and cloud hosting industry, Jeremy Pease has built a career rooted in extreme ownership and servant leadership. As the CEO of Colohouse, he is harnessing his extensive background to guide the company toward a dominant position in the industry, targeting advancements in cloud technology, BareMetal, and retail Colo services.


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