The Data Center Exchange | S1 Ep 4 

Del Connolly

By Del Connolly

17 Jul 2023

2 min read

The Data Center Exchange | S1 Ep 4 

Organizational culture and performance within the Digital Infrastructure industry with Anna Carlton 


Welcome to The Data Center Exchange Podcast with host Del Connolly, Global Director of Harper Harrison, a built environment recruiting firm as he is joined by some of the most senior leaders within the data center industry. Del and his guests will be touching on topics such as the culture of a fast-growing business within the sector, sustainability, engineering, construction challenges, diversity & inclusion, and much more. 


Building on from episode 3, we talk to Anna Carlton, VP, Culture and Learning at Compass Datacenters. Anna is hugely passionate about all things culture and a real curator of culture at one of the shining stars of the Data Center Development Industry. We delve into organizational culture holistically and explore the differences culturally between organisations within the Digital Infrastructure world and those across other industries. We also shine a light on Compass Datacenters and learn a bit about their secret sauce. 





Anna is a strategic HR leader who excels in all aspects of people practices, from recruitment to retirement. She is known as a culture catalyst, capable of driving positive change throughout an organization. With extensive experience in senior leadership, Anna was a perfect guest to invite to the show to offer her insights into organizational culture. Anna is VP, Culture and Learning at Compass Datacenters based out of Dallas, Texas. Compass Datacenters has designed, built and delivered over $5bn of Data Centers globally. 


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