Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep 4 

Jakey Bentwood

By Jakey Bentwood

13 Jun 2023

2 min read

Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep 4 

Adtech Design and Development Leaders, hosted by our very own recruitment expert Jakey Bentwood, provides an excellent opportunity for professionals of all levels to learn from thought leaders in the industry. 


Discussions will be based around avenues for development, areas of focus, how to speak about project experience, and over time help guide other professionals in their longer-term goals and motivations. 


Season 1 Episode 4: Data in Outer Space 


During this episode with Richard Ward; I discuss his career trajectory and what took him to develop his own firm in OrbitsEdge. We touch on his experience and background in mechanical engineering, through his time with Deep Space Industries and finally discuss his goals for OrbitsEdge as we move into an era of data servicing and efficiency. 



Richard is the CTO and Founder of OrbitsEdge. OrbitsEdge accelerates the commercialization of space by providing low earth orbit edge micro data centers that allow organizations to economically access and rapidly analyze vast amounts of data in space. As a US Marine and startup veteran, Rick’s vision is to bring advanced compute to space via a unique solution of hardening, sensors, and ongoing telemetry analytics. 


Rick feels as though the next generation of space development is impossible without next-generation data handling and OrbitEdge has the sustainable architect that leads to that goal. During his time with Deep Space Industries; Rick developed, produced, and experimented with asteroid regolith stimulants with the goal of mineral extraction. 


Rick regularly speaks for space compute conferences, publications, and yes, other podcasts. 


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