So, why partner with us?

Harper Harrison has an approach which puts the quality of service at the centre of everything we do. Without quality of service, we simply will not succeed and survive. We believe that our level of service comes from the ability to converse and engage with clients in a mature, professional and advisory capacity. We don’t profess to know everything, but as experienced recruiters within the market we feel well positioned and able to deliver assignments to the highest order. That style and maturity of engagement is mirrored within the candidate market allowing us to reach in to talent pools on behalf of clients where others fail.

We take great pride in ensuring our relationships go much further than simply identifying great talent. Not only do we feel a sense of responsibility to enhance and protect your employer brand when representing your business but we also feel we have a duty to assist with staff retention where possible. Sharing of market intelligence relating to salaries and compensation allows our clients to benchmark against the industry.

We are also willing and able to provide feedback on perceived employer brand to help businesses tweak their value proposition to the market for the purposes of internal recruitment. By identifying candidates who add value to your business whilst providing information to help with attrition rates, we believe this is a unique service offering.