Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep 5 

Jakey Bentwood

By Jakey Bentwood

12 Jul 2023

2 min read

Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S1 Ep 5 

Adtech Design and Development Leaders, hosted by our very own recruitment expert Jakey Bentwood, provides an excellent opportunity for professionals of all levels to learn from thought leaders in the industry. 


Discussions will be based around avenues for development, areas of focus, how to speak about project experience, and over time help guide other professionals in their longer-term goals and motivations. 


Season 1 Episode 5: Soccer & Sports Medicine to S&T Architecture 


During this episode with Michael Marone, we touch on Michael's entry into architecture and the challenges he faced. We discuss his growth and development in this space before discussing his design approach and his upcoming goals for his career. 



I knew Michael and I would see eye to eye when he told me the most constant relationship in his life has been his love for Soccer. 


From a student with a passion for Soccer to VP of Architecture of an award-winning AEC firm helping Life Sciences companies usher in the next generation of life-saving therapies, treatments, and technologies; Michael’s route is an uncommon one. 


Uncommon, but fascinating. 


More about Michael Marone. 

Michael Marone has more than 20 years of professional experience and has directed the architectural design and planning for many of Genesis AEC’s science and technology projects. Michael leads the firm’s architecture practice and is responsible for the delivery of architecture services. An intuitive and experienced conceptual planner, he has led the programming and planning of many significant projects through design development, constructability reviews, “value engineering” challenges, and other hurdles of a contemporary building project.


My architectural approach has always been responsive to the client with solutions that are not forced but successfully appropriate for the context of the project. 


Despite starting his career in S&T and remaining in this space to this day, Michael's longest relationship is with Soccer. 


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