Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S2 Ep2

Jakey Bentwood

By Jakey Bentwood

07 Mar 2024

2 min read

Adtech Design and Development Leaders | S2 Ep2

Welcome to the second season of the ‘Adtech Design & Development Leaders’ hosted by Jakey Bentwood; Divisional Recruitment Manager. In this series, we discuss different avenues for development, areas of focus, how to speak about project experience, and over time help guide other professionals in their longer-term goals and motivations. 


Season 2 Episode 2 | A Career Chronicle with Bob Clark, President of Baskervill 


In our second episode of the 'Adtech Design and Development Leaders' podcast series, Jakey sits down with Bob Clark, President of Baskervill. 




We discuss his career trajectory, some of the challenges faced throughout his career, and more. We touch on where his passion for the built environment came from; spoiler alert, it came from a crawl space!  





Bob’s practicality blends seamlessly with his sharp sense of humor to create a successful hands-on approach to managing employees, clients, and projects. He cares just as much about the nitty-gritty details of operating a growing global firm as he does about the big-picture thinking it takes to keep the business relevant, profitable, and growing.  


Bob spent 5 years in the US Airforce before spending 2 years with Jacobs and then moving to Baskervil in 1995. He became COO in the late 90s and has been president of the firm since 2004.  


Bob leads a team of over 180, doing projects in over 40 states and 4 countries.  


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