Del Connolly

By Del Connolly

17 Jan 2023

3 min read


When I started working within Data Center Development Recruitment four years ago, I did not think that it would lead to me flying to Honolulu, Hawaii for the leading digital infrastructure conference; PTC 2023. I have a lot of incredible clients and candidates to thank, for working with myself and Harper Harrison during the last four to five years. 


I am also lucky enough (kind of) to have our Global Brand Director and Founder, Del Connolly, join me on the trip. Del and I have worked together for almost six years, and to say we are excited could be a slight understatement. This will be the first time we have had the opportunity to meet so many industry professionals and leaders within the data center space, in one location! 


What are we looking forward to attending? 


Aside from the meetings we have booked, my attention has been drawn to the panel discussions and interviews taking place on Center Stage. Marc Ganzi (CEO, Digital Bridge) is presenting a talk on the 2023 Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Infrastructure Sector which I am sure will highlight some of the issues we are faced with this coming year. 


There is also a panel discussion on “Investigating the Heartbeat of Data Center Transformation” with panelist; James Buie, Bob DeSantis, Jim Masterson and Anthony Rossabi. I believe this talk will highlight the challenge of adapting to rapidly evolving technologies in data centers as well as such issues as, soaring energy prices. Listening to the panelists recommendations for the future will be insightful and help me understand how the industry evolves as time goes on. 


Aside from Center Stage, Eric Jacobs (CRO, Aligned DC’s) is presenting a “Lightening Talk” on how Data Centers are overcoming the ability to procure capacity for long-term growth, which is another talk I am certainly going to attend. 


There is a bit of a theme with the talks I am looking forward to attending, which is the future of the industry. When we are speaking with candidates of all levels, we are consistently asked about strategy within data center development and operations. Candidates want to understand how companies are innovating in a fast-moving world and I believe these talks will give me further insights to help guide and advise on these subjects. 


What will we do outside of the conference? 


As with any travel, I am sure there will be a bit of downtime. Pina Coladas and Del beating rack after rack on the pool table is a likely outcome. 


However, we have also heard from multiple sources that Duke’s Waikiki, is a spot that data center professionals like to graze in the evenings. Herb-crusted fresh fish and coconut mojitos will do… I suppose. 


All in all, I’m buzzing to get out there and document some of my findings. Anyone interested in meeting up or any more recommendations for a first timer, please do reach out at 


Anyone interested in meeting up or any more recommendations for a first timer, please do reach out at 


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